Drug Free Communities Grant

  • ​​​The Drug Free Communities (DFC) grant is a 5 year grant of $125,000 per year and was first awarded in 2010. In 2015, the coalition applied and received its second and final 5 years DFC funding that will be complete in 2020.
  • ​The focus of the RC RAIL DFC grant is reducing alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drug use.

STOP Act Grant

  • The STOP Act grant is a 4 year grant of $ . It was awarded to the coalition in 2016 and will be complete in 2020. RC RAIL is 1 of 2 in Iowa and 1 out of 80 in the nation that received this funding!
  • The focus of the RC RAIL STOP Act grant is to reduce alcohol use and to work with Cornell College.
  • ​Both grants were awarded by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and have paid staff to manage the grants.

Rural Communities Rising Above the Influence in Linn. 

What is our Funding Source

Installing filtration systems in Cambodia
A small handful of volunteers accompanied two staff members to install filtration systems in semi-developed areas of Cambodia in need of clean water.

Shipping filtration tablets to Afghanistan
Using the funds you provided, we sent a huge shipment to rural villages in 


Providing education in Laos
One of our volunteers drove an initiative to teach a number of classes to community leaders in Laos about the importance of clean water.

Enviornmental Change and Why It Matters...

RC RAIL Funding Sources


Through years of research, prevention specialist know that environmental changes are the most effective and long lasting regarding most anything.  That is why RC RAIL uses environmental strategies to drive their efforts. 


Some examples of environmental changes are developing signage, connecting resources, training stakeholders, implementing and changing policies at the local, state and federal level, and more.


Each year the coalition uses environmental strategies to help develops logic models, action plans and new ambition to tackle substance abuse in their community. This group of volunteers is dedicated to making each community healthier and a safer environment for children and families.

Company Profile

RC RAIL Coalition


Created in 2010


Areas of expertise: 
Substance abuse prevention and education.